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All members in good standing will be entitled to attend CWA meetings and participate in all activities. Non-members may be invited to attend but will not be entitled to vote.

An Annual General Meeting will be held to:

Receive reports on the activities and progress of the Association

To elect the CWA committee

Receive technical presentations

Meetings in addition to the Annual General Meeting will be arranged as appropriate. All meetings will be chaired by the Chairman of the CWA committee. In the absence of the Chairman a member of the committee will take the chair.

CWA Committee
The CWA committee is responsible for organising the activities of the Association. It will comprise:

Election to the CWA Committee
The elected representatives serving on the CWA committee shall serve for a period of TWO years. Each elected representative shall retire at the Annual General Meeting at the end of their two year period but shall be eligible for re-election.

Elected representatives may retire at any time and the CWA committee may fill any casual vacancy but any person so appointed shall retire at the next succeeding Annual General Meeting and will be eligible for re-election.

The membership will be informed of any vacancies on the CWA committee in advance of the Annual General Meeting and nominations sought. Candidates will require the support of two members of the Association in good standing to act as a proposer and seconder. Elected representatives offering themselves for re-election must also have the support of two members in good standing acting as proposer and seconder.

Election to the CWA committee will be by a majority vote by Members at the Annual General Meeting.

Code of Ethics
Condition of membership is that members comply with the Association’s Codes of Ethics. The purpose of the Code is to

Set professional standards and qualifications for environmental stewardship and sustainability

Manage our activities, products and services with consideration for the environment in a manner consistent with our values.

Maintain and support a high standard of professional behaviour and service with integrity.