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Delivered in partnership with CIWEM, this on-line training unit will provide you with valuable continuing professional development (CPD). Using a web-based elearning format which allows you to study at any time, and anywhere, that you have a web connection. This training experience is open to everyone, both members and non-members.

The unit has the benefit of tutor-support through Skype, email and phone and provide both the background and detailed knowledge that you need to really understand constructed wetland technologies that are applied to remove pollution from water.

This unit evaluates the use of constructed wetlands (CW) in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters, partially-treated effluents, run-off water and sludges. Following a review of the relevant legislative and regulatory framework associated with the discharge of treated effluents it considers the typical design criteria used for horizontal flow, vertical flow and other forms of constructed wetlands, together with their construction and commissioning, whether as new build or retro-fit. In addition, a series of case studies are used to explore the operation, performance, treatment efficiency and ultimate renewal/replacement procedure of a variety of CWs operating under different conditions, with different types of influent, in different locations. The unit evaluates the applicability, benefits and limitations of CWs as a treatment technology together with the impact on carbon footprint when using this sustainable wastewater and sludge treatment technology.

We are currently working to include additional content on constructed wetlands and biodiversity, SUDS and the catchment-based approach to water management. International examples and case-studies will also be included. The provisional start date for the revised course is May 2018.

The tutor-supported unit includes the following:

Access to an on line training unit containing teaching and learning content and linked to a wide range of other quality web-based resources

Online support and feedback throughout the unit from a tutor with nearly 10 years experience supporting on-line learners, and who regularly reviews applications for CIWEM corporate membership and who has acted as a professional interviewer for membership applicants for many years

A range of built-in self-assessment and self-evaluation questions throughout the unit

One or more summative assessments [assignments] addressing all of the unit learning outcomes [LOs]

Provision of individual feedback to each participant covering how well you have met the LOs for the unit.

A completion certificate for participants who successfully achieve all of the unit LOs

You will need to devote 2.5-3.5 hours per week as you work through each one – the precise time will depend on your prior knowledge and your depth of interest in the different topics being covered.

The cost of the unit is £500.00 (inc. VAT).

The unit has a learning time equivalent to 8 hours spread over 5 weeks.


Anna Wallen, Senior Research Scientist, Thames Water Innovation Team

‘I’ve found this course invaluable, as my knowledge of sewage treatment prior to this was strictly limited to what I had come across, and it is also very well structured’

Amy Muggeridge

“Thank you for a lovely course…I really have enjoyed working on it.”

To register for the unit, please call CIWEM on 020 7831 3110.

CIWEM reserve the right to cancel any start date if there are insufficient registrants. No refunds can be made less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the unit although substitutions can be made at any time.