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Apply For Accreditation

As you are not logged in as a Corporate, Charity/NPO or Public Sector member, you cannot currently make an application to become accredited. Please login for more options or feel free to just read about the Accreditation process below.


The CWA was formed to promote and encourage the creation of an industry in which good practice is shared and quality standards of design, installation and maintenance are established and upheld. We aim, through our membership to:

Benefits of Accreditation

Corporate Members are able to apply to become an Accredited Member. Not all members of the CWA will want to seek Accreditation. It applies primarily to those involved with the following areas of Constructed Wetlands:

Plant growers and material and equipment suppliers may also wish to seek Accreditation. The requirements in these cases will be broadly similar but tailored as relevant to their specific business sectors. Please contact the CWA Secretary for details.

The accreditation process

Applications can be made online or by downloading a printable application form here. It is split into 4 parts:

A fee of £395 is payable for a first time application. Accreditation is valid for 3 years and the re-accreditation fee is £200. For further information, please contact us.