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Useful Links regarding Constructed Wetlands and Water Pollution Management and Regulation.

Constructed Wetland Hub Our very own initiative with the Rivers Trust.  Information, data and resources for Constructed Wetland projects.

The CWA is not responsible for the content of external websites, if you spot any broken links, please let us know.

US EPA – Useful site on Constructed Wetlands providing information and downloads on Constructed wetlands.

CAT – Centre for Alternative Technology

Wetland Vision – a project setting out a 50 year vision for England’s freshwater wetlands.

Zer0-M – a selection of images for sustainable water technologies

SuSanA – the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance is a good source of information on sustainable sanitation for practitioners, educators and journalists.

Ecosan. publishes an open source journal called Sustainable Sanitation Practice. A good source of information on selected sanitation issues including the outcome of the UFZ 2013 Wetland Workshop.

IWA WaterWiki. An open-access online platform for the global water community to share resources on all aspects of water research. Registration required, however you do not need to be members of IWA to use this facility.

Wetland Solutions Inc. an excellent open source website containing Treatment Wetland Resources and Aquatic Ecology resources, including the North American Treatment Wetland Database v2.0

Links to Constructed Wetlands in Social Media 

CWA Facebook Page – our facebook page. We can  also be found on twitter @_CWA

IWA Wetlands Systems for water pollution control page and group. a useful source for water related articles, journals and events. Linking scientists working on scientific and technical aspects of macrophyte usage in wetland systems for water pollution control and resource recovery. They can also be found on twitter @IWAWetlands

Vertical flow wetlands group. an open group of people interested in vertical flow constructed wetlands.

Society of Wetland Scientists Page. The Society of Wetland Scientists promotes understanding, scientifically based management, and sustainable use of wetlands.

Links regarding the Water Industry and water pollution

Water UK – for information about the UK water and wastewater industry.

International Water Association (IWA) – a useful source for water related articles and journals and events.

UKWIR – UK Water Industry Research reporting and facilitating collaborative research for UK water operators.


Water Guide and Water Pollution Guide – for information on water and water pollution.

Links regarding Water and Environmental Management

CIWEM  – This site has useful information on water and environmental management and offers a number of online courses, including our wetland course!

IEMA – The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment provides useful information on environmental management and regulation

Links to regulatory websites for information on policies regarding water pollution and wastewater treatment.

OFWAT – Water Services Regulation Authority

Environment Agency – an executive non-departmental public body who manages water resources and enforces water quality standards. The EA set the discharge consent limits for England and Wales. You will need to apply for an Environmental Permit or register for an exemption if you wish to discharge to surface or ground waters.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) is Scotland’s environmental regulator. You will need to apply for an Water Environment Controlled Activity (CAR) registration or licence if you wish to discharge to surface or ground waters

Northern Ireland Environment Agency is the environmental regulators for Northern Ireland. There are several permits available depending on your sector, Please check the website for more information.

Environment Protection Agency are the environmental regulators for Ireland. There are several licenses and permits required depending on your sector, information can be found here.

Defra – The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is a government department in the UK and has some useful information on water issues.

NetRegs – NetRegs provides free environmental guidance for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK providing information on compliance with environmental law and environmental protection.