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ARM Ltd specialise in reed bed design and construction for all aspects of Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems with over 25 years experience, more than 600 reed bed systems installed. ARM Ltd provide wastewater treatment for a whole range and size of applications, including primary, secondary, tertiary sewage effluents, sewage sludge and drinking water sludge treatments, agricultural waste water, industrial effluent, minewater treatment and Floating Reed Beds. ARM provide Consultancy, project management, feasibility studies, reed bed maintenance and complete refurbishment services.

Rydal House

Colton Road Rugeley
WS15 3HF
01889 583 811

Cress Water Solutions
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Cress Water Solutions designs, installs, maintains and refurbishes constructed wetland treatment systems. We specialise in the use of reed beds, ponds and wetlands, in a variety of combinations for the treatment of wastewater effluents including sewage, farm dirty water, leachates, and commercial and industrial effluents. Our particular expertise is with vertical flow reed beds.

Cress Water Solutions
18 Forcefield Road
EX15 1QB

Aardvark EM Ltd
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Aardvark EM have over 15 years experience designing and installing reedbed systems, from small-scale to large-scale, for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. We are also working with clients impacted by the Nutrient Neutrality issue that has impacted many parts of the country, to design and implement effective mitigation strategies.

Aardvark EM Ltd
Higher Ford

Aardvark EM, Higher Ford Wiveliscombe

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Ecolagunas is a specialized consultancy on the wastewater treatment using constructed wetland systems. We design plants using ponds and wetland. Our business philosophie focuse on Corporate Social Responsability with a specialized staff with many years of experience. We have many installations made for different depuration performance. Moreover, we do following the running plants with a continues care service.

San Rosendo 31 7ºB

Edificio CEI nº 43- Tecnópole OURENSE

Eco-tech Systems
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Eco~tech Systems are specialists in Bio & Civil Engineering, delivering Innovative Effluent & Water Management Solutions Established as one of the UK’s leading companies in the field, we have earned a reputation for the highest standards of quality and service, business ethics and environmental consideration. Uniquely positioned in the market place, we provide tailored solutions for preserving, restoring and improving the environment

Eco-tech Systems
Pacific House
+44 1228 406 352

Edenvale Young Associates
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Edenvale Young Associates
30, Queen Charlotte Street

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HMVT: Environmental Services HMVT offers a wide range of environmental services in cleaning soils, waters and vapours. One of our specialities is the design, construction, implementation and operation of Constructed Wetlands to treat chemical polluted waste or groundwater.

Postbus 174
6710 BD
+31 318 624 624

Hydroclay Ltd
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Hydroclay GCL's (Geosynthetic Clay Liners) are widely used in the construction of decorative lakes, garden ponds, wetlands, reed beds, lagoons, swimming ponds, school ponds, golf clubs, Aquaponics & fisheries, as well as more industrial applications such as in SUDS attenuation pond lining projects, anaerobic digestion basins, canal lining and river & stream diversions. Because they does not require specialised welding equipment or labour, Hydroclay GCLs can be installed with minimal instruction or supervision & at a cost, despite its many benefits, that is often less than regular liners.

Hydroclay Ltd
Abbey Orchard

Townfield Road Mobberley
WA16 7HG
0845 643 9795

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Engineering Office - Consultants in environmental sciences and engineering: Sustainable Water Management, Sustainable Sanitation, Constructed Wetlands, Sustainable Urban and Agricultural Drainage, Nature Based Solutions

Via Alfonso La Marmora, 51

Irish Water
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Irish Water
Colvill House

24-26 Talbot Street Dublin 1

JPR Environmental
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JPR offers the following services to commercial customers: design, construction and maintenance of reedbeds for habitat creation; construction and maintenance of reedbeds for wastewater treatment systems; design, creation, restoration and management services for wetland habitats; water testing and refurbishment of existing reedbed treatment systems.

JPR Environmental
The Malthouse

Standish Stonehouse
GL10 3DL
01453 822584

Moir Environmental
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Moir Environmental are specialists in the design, installation, commissioning & maintenance of all types of constructed wetlands including reedbeds for sewage treatment and ponds for surface water management.

Moir Environmental
7 Alloway Place
01292 440339

Stonbury Ltd
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Stonbury Ltd
Chawston House

Chawston Lane, Chawston
MK44 3BH

Watercourse Systems Ltd
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Watercourse Systems Ltd
Wills Barn
01984 629 070

Water Design Engineers
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Water Design Engineers is a private water engineering consultancy based in the UK with offices in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and Arundel, West Sussex. We are well established in the landscape irrigation sector and have expanded into SuDS (sustainable drainage) and industrial wastewater sectors, offering design, consultancy and project management services.

Water Design Engineers
The Old Bank House

1 High Street Arundel
West Sussex
BN18 9AD
0144 278 0676

Wetland Engineering
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Wetland Engineering was established in 2015 to improve the quality of wetlands, rivers and streams. Human activity has damaged too many of our waterways, though there is encouraging work underway to restore these precious assets. With an understanding of the biology and chemistry of the water, we can subtly engineer water environments to enhance the natural purification processes and the wetland ecosystem. Geoff Sweaney delivers all the work. He is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager through CIWEM with decades of experience in a wide range of environmental engineering projects.

Wetland Engineering
9 Stoodley Glen
West Yorkshire

WWT Consulting
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WWT Consulting is the UK’s leading wetland consultancy who provides clients worldwide with services in the following four key areas: Ecological surveys and assessment; Habitat design and management; Visitor centre planning and design; and Wetland treatment systems and SuDS WWT Consulting is a subsidiary business of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and the four service areas are derived from the parent company’s success over nearly 70 years of wetland reserve management and the operation of nine UK visitor centres.

WWT Consulting
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
01453 891222

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